The Smokist Smoking Pouch Review

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Smokist Smoking Pouch Review

The Smokist Smoking Pouch Review

It’s been a while since we’d done any smoking on something that wasn’t our Weber Smokey Mountain. But when the team over at The Smokist got in contact with us about their smoking pouch we were intrigued to see how well it worked. This meant we had to fire up the old gas grill for the first time in years to see how well it could be transformed into a smoker. In our Smoking Pouch Review we’ll take you through exactly what the Pouch is, how it works and how well it works.

The Smokist kindly provided a Smoking Pouch in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and are not influenced by the related company in any way.

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What is the Smoking Pouch?

The Smokist Smoking Pouch is basically a small metal pouch that holds wood chips. This is then placed on a standard charcoal or gas grill where the heat from the grill gets the wood chips to smoulder and produce smoke. You then close your grill to hold in the smoke and you’ve got yourself a make-shift smoker.

Smokist Smoking Pouch Review

The design of the pouch uses a stainless steel mesh that helps to stop the wood chips from burning and instead produces the smoke. The pouch is sealed using a rotating top metal sealing clip. This not only stops the wood chips from spilling out but it also helps to deprive the wood chips of oxygen which helps with smoke production. 

And that’s about it, it’s a very simple design, but uses a good quality stainless steel that allows you to use the pouch multiple times. 


How to use the Smoking Pouch

Using the Smoking Pouch is just as simple. Start by opening the pouch with the rotating top closer. Hollow out the pouch and pour your favorite wood chips inside. I filled it to about 3⁄4 way to the top.

Mo's Smoking Pouch

This produced a lot of smoke and was more than enough for a short/medium length smoke of some homemade sausage and some chicken wings (not pictured). After that, close the top and place the pouch on the grill. Keep the pouch directly over the heat for the first 2-4 minutes, until the first signs of smoke come out of the pouch. When it’s starting to produce smoke, either turn the heat down or move it to a cooler area of the grill. Add your meat, seafood or veg like you normally would and close the grill. Leave your food to smoke like you would with a normal smoker. Mo's Smoking Pouch


How Well Does the Smoking Pouch Work?

I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the Smoking Pouch produced smoke. It started smoking quickly, producing lots of good quality smoke within a couple of minutes. It also seemed quite resistant to flame-ups as I never actually saw any flames directly from the pouch. The cook we did was around 60-90 minutes and ¾ of a pouch lasted longer than was needed and there were still wood chips left after the cook. 

A few things to note, the pouch is somewhat large so if you have a smaller grill you might want to stand it on its edge once it has started smoking. It can also get very hot and will continue to be hot sometimes long after the rest of the grill has cooled off. We recommend using tongs during and after any cook with the Smoking Pouch. 

The results were good, there was a good smoky taste that wasn’t too overpowering. The meat was cooked mainly through the heat straight from the grill as our old gas smoker really struggles to keep the heat in but it was still a great end result.

Smokist Smoking Pouch Review



Final Thoughts

Overall, the Smoking Pouch is a great little purchase if you’re looking for the ability to smoke on your normal grill. It’s super simple to use, is built from a very high quality stainless steel that allows multiple uses and produces a lot of smoke. The negatives are very minimal. It does exactly what you’d expect it to. Don’t expect hours and hours of smoking time from a single pouch and don’t expect the same depth of smoke as from a traditional smoker. It’s also worth mentioning that the quality of the grill is something to take into consideration. A large lidded grill that has good seals will be a lot more effective that a flat grill full of holes. 

With all that said, we think that this is a great little product, at a reasonable price and can definitely help to transform your standard grill into a quality make-shift smoker. 

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Smoking Smoking Pouch






Build Quality


Ease of Use


Value for Money



  • Cheap alternative to a full smoker
  • Produces a lot of quality smoke
  • Can be reused


  • Works best for shorter smokes

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