ROCCBOX or Ooni Pro – Which Should You Buy?

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Roccbox or Ooni Pro

ROCCBOX or Ooni Pro – Which Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for one of the best pizza ovens on the market right now, it’s quite probable that you’ve ended up seeing both the Ooni (Uuni) Pro and the ROCCBOX. They’re both premium pizza ovens that offer multiple fuel sources, quick heat up times and insane maximum temperatures that allow you to cook incredible pizzas in just a couple of minutes. Well today we’re going to do an ultimate comparison to finally answer whether the ROCCBOX or the Ooni Pro is the premium pizza that you should buy.




ROCCBOX Pizza Oven Review


We’ll first start with the ROCCBOX. This is the creation of Gozney, a British company that started by manufacturing commercial grade pizza ovens and have since added a pizza oven to their line-up for everyday pizza lovers – the ROCCBOX. 

The ROCCBOX comes with a lot of high quality features that give it a premium price tag and is the main reason we’re comparing it to the Ooni Pro.

One of the biggest selling points for the ROCCBOX is that it comes with dual fuel burners, a gas burner and a wood burner. This gives you the versatility of quick and easy and more authentic taste. We’re big fans of going authentic and have even written quite extensively about different woods used for smoking, but having the option to go with a quick, high powered gas burner is a great feature to have.

Building on the last point, the gas burner (and even the wood burner) manage to get the pizza oven heated up and ready in just a few moments. When it’s working at its peak, the ROCCBOX can get up to 500°C / 932°F in just 90 seconds! This is enough to cook a classic Neapolitan pizza in just 1 minute.

The size of the pizzas that the ROCCBOX can cook are around the 12 inch size. The cooking area is 315mm x 340mm which gives you just enough room to comfortably manage a 12 inch pizza.

Another feature of the ROCCBOX is the simple initial set up due to the design of the legs. This means it’s virtually ready to use straight out of the box, all you have to do is attach the legs and the burner and it’s ready to go. Both of these just twist and clip into place, it couldn’t be much easier.

Continuing on with features of the structure of the ROCCBOX, it’s made from aircraft grade stainless steel and comes with a stylish and aesthetically pleasing safe touch silicon jacket over the main oven area. This not only keeps the outside of the oven nice and cool, but it also helps to insulate the oven which gives you a quicker and more consistent cook. Great, all round feature.

This covers the main features but Gozney hasn’t stopped there. They’ve added some nice little extra features that just sweeten the deal. 

One such feature is the stylish and convenient side mounted thermometer that gives an accurate reading of the oven temperature. We’d always recommend using 3rd party thermometers just to be sure, for example infrared thermometers are perfect for pizza ovens. Also after a short while, you won’t even need a thermometer. The best part of pizza oven cooking is going at it as simplistically as possible and learning to tell when the pizza is done by the site and smell! A much more rewarding and fun experience than waiting for a timer to finish.

The ROCCBOX is also available in multiple colors that can match your personality or help the new oven fit in with your garden.

Also included in the ROCCBOX pizza peel, a highly engineered peel that was built specifically for this oven and so works about as good as any peel we’ve used.

Just to top all of this off, the ROCCBOX comes with a 5 year warranty so you know that you’re in safe hands if you decide to buy this over the Ooni Pro.


Build Quality

As the ROCCBOX is made from a high grade stainless steel it can comfortably withstand the extreme temperatures that the burners generate. The base is made from a dense cordierite stone that manages to absorb heat quickly and keep a high temperature to help you get the ideal crispy bases on all your pizzas. There are very few negatives with the build quality, it really goes to show that Gozney have been doing this a while as they’ve produced a superbly well made product. 


Ease of Use

I think one of the best aspects of the design is the simplicity of how it can be used, cleaned and then stored or transported. The folding legs create a naturally higher working environment, which helps controling your cook, but they also cleverly fold away in an instant to make the whole oven half the size and ready to pack away. The burners follow this same theme where they can be simply twisted to detach and then stored. This has to be one of the easiest to use pizza ovens available right now. 



With all things considered the ROCCBOX is a fantastic premium pizza oven that would make an ideal accessory to your garden and could help you show off to any guests with incredible pizzas. We love the design, both the looks and the practicality of the legs and changeable burners. The build quality is also another top selling point and as you can see from the photo from above that is very well made. And just to top it all off, the ROCCBOX comes with a 5 year warranty! You’re not going to get much better… Or are you?

Check the latest price on Amazon.


Ooni Pro

Uuni Ooni Pro Review


Ooni (previously Uuni) is a pizza oven company that was launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and was met with huge success. The Uuni 3 was one of the pioneering pizza oven models that helped bring simple to use, high effective outdoor ovens to the mainstream. The Ooni Pro is now their premium model and is one of our favorite pizza ovens we’ve ever tried.

In a similar way to how the ROCCBOX was designed, the Ooni Pro has a unique take on the burner. It’s currently able to run on charcoal and wood, providing much more versatility to your cooking and opening up the oven to a charcoal taste rather than just wood. In addition to this you can pick up a wood pellet burner, just like the Uuni 3 uses, at an extra cost. Ooni have also recently released a gas burner attachment that can turn your Ooni Pro into a fully working gas pizza oven, increasing the versatility even more and outdoing ROCCBOX in the burner department. 

The Ooni Pro is made from 430 stainless steel with a ‘tripod’ leg design and is completely insulated with ceramic fibre. A similar general design to the ROCCBOX.  Seeing as it is technically transportable, it even has a ‘security loop’ – a unique feature which allows it to be secured to other garden furniture or a work surface. This can also be useful for protecting against unwanted movement when cooking. However, the portability of the Ooni Pro is nowhere near the same as the simple to transport ROCCBOX. 

Ooni Pro Outdoor Oven
The Cordierite baking stones in the Uuni Pro

The cordierite baking stones that make up the cooking surface of the Ooni Pro can handle high temperatures very well and will give a great finish to the bottom of your pizzas. Cordierite is one of the best materials for baking stones as it’s very thermally efficient and great at storing heat. To find out more about cordierite and baking stones, check out our guide to the best baking stones.

One of the really nice design features of the Ooni Pro is the addition of two front doors. Both of these doors are completely removable and simply click in place. One comes with a small glass window, so you can see what is cooking inside. This door also has a built in thermometer. This is perfect for watching whatever it is you’ve got inside the oven cook. The next door is a pizza oven door that has a letterbox style cut out perfect for sliding your pizzas in and out. Two very nice additional features that Ooni didn’t have to include but I’m very glad they did.

With the Ooni Pro you also get a good level of control over the temperature. There are dampers in the chimney that can be used to control the airflow and therefore the internal temperature. All very nice additions that make cooking on the Ooni Pro much easier.

Check out how the burner works and see what you can cook with the video below:


Build Quality

Building upon the original Uuni 3, the Ooni Pro uses high quality stainless steel with three legs and a chimney. It uses the same style design of having a burner at the back and a chimney at the front to ensure that there is a sufficient airflow through the entire oven. This oven is noticeably bigger and has an inside clearance of 6 inches so you’re able to cook a lot more in the Ooni Pro. Casseroles, oven-roasted meat, fish and veg and even bread can all fit comfortably inside the new oven.

The stainless steel wall of the Ooni Pro is now using a double walled design which helps provide additional insulation and reduces the outer wall discoloration. This also helps with fuel efficiency and aids in heating up to 932°F (500 °C), which the Ooni Pro can manage in around 15 minutes.


Ease of Use

We love the ROCCBOX for being super easy to use, and the Ooni Pro is definitely on the same level once you have it set up. The multiple doors and chimney controls mean that there’s more control available to you administered in a very simple way. Now with the additional controls and doors it’s much easier to keep track of how you cook and how far along the cook is. The included thermometer is nice to give a rough indication, and the stone bases help with sliding the pizzas in and out. What isn’t as easy to do as the ROCCBOX, is the transportation. The ROCCBOX is fully portable but the Ooni Pro is difficult at the best of times so we’d recommend setting it up in your garden and leaving it there.



We’ve said it before, but we love the Ooni Pro and virtually everything that Ooni offers. They’ve got a great range of products that work well and are well priced. What we love about the Ooni Pro is that it’s so versatile, has so many features that you’ll struggle to get elsewhere and can cook some amazing pizzas and more! What we don’t like is that it’s not quite as refined as the ROCCBOX, the design and the build feel a little more rough around the edges. It’s also quite expensive and might be far more than what you need.

Check the latest price on Amazon.


Ooni Pro vs ROCCBOX

So which one should you buy?

I think there are definitely some major differences between the two that makes them better for certain use cases. If you’re looking for a solid, well built, decent sized oven that you can take around with you and which has the security of a 5 year warranty, then the ROCCBOX is a no brainer. It’s well worth the money and I don’t think you’ll regret buying it.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more permanent, a bit bigger with more versatility, that you could use as a fully fledged outdoor oven, then the Ooni Pro offers a lot at a decent price.

Like with many things, it comes down to what you’re looking for. If you need any more information on either of the products, we have thoroughly reviewed both of them here on King of the Coals.




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