Ooni Koda Review – Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Ooni Konda Review - Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda Review – Outdoor Pizza Oven

A few years ago when the Ooni 3 (Uuni 3) came out, it quickly became one of our favorite pizza ovens and easily made it onto our list of the best outdoor ovens. Since then there’s been a lot of development in the small, consumer pizza oven space. Ooni rebranded from Uuni for clarity on the pronunciation of their name, they also released the premium Ooni Pro, ROCCBOX released their first consumer model (which is brilliant) and then there were many smaller models that didn’t quite make the impact of the above mentioned. With the speedy rise in competition, Ooni have released a new, gas only powered model that is aiming to be the ‘perfect outdoor oven’. In our Ooni Koda review we’ll see if it’s turned out as well as Ooni had hoped.

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What’s Included With the ROCCBOX

  • Ooni Koda gas-powered pizza oven
  • Stone baking board
  • Ooni Koda Manual and Ooni Essentials Guide with tips and recipes
  • Propane tank gas regulator and hose 

Specs and quick info:

  • Heats to 500°C (932°F) & cooks pizza in just 60 seconds.
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 11.6 x 24.8″ (400 x 295 x 630mm)
  • Unboxed weight: 20.4 lbs (9.25kg)
  • 37mBar patio gas regulator and hose included in the box
  • Cooking surface: 13¼″  x 13¼″ (337 x 337mm) – realistically enough for 12 inch pizzas



The first major thing to note is that the Ooni Koda doesn’t run on wood of any kind, unlike all other previous Ooni models. This is a gas only oven. Being only powered by gas means that the complications of fitting both burners into the design has been removed and therefore the Ooni Koda has a much sleeker design and the ability to be hooked up to any gas power supply. It also includes a heat control dial for effortless cooking and ultimate control. Note: it does not come with a gas tank, you will need to supply one. 

One of the big features that Ooni are pushing for the Koda is their built-in, patented flame keeper device that is said to carry rolling flames down onto your food. This is to help speed up the cook and give a flame-cooked flavour.

Ooni Konda Review - Pizza Oven

Like with all Ooni ovens, they are designed well enough to heat up in just a few minutes. It’s the same with the Ooni Koda. This has an insulated steel shell and stone baking board which gives it optimum heat retention and is ready to start cooking within 15 minutes. 

Ooni are pushing the ease of use and convenience with the Koda. Firing up the Ooni Koda is as simple as turning a dial, no managing wood. Also cooking with gas means minimal smoke and soot for fuss-free maintenance and no chance of the inevitable soot flake falling into your pizza as you’d get with wood.

Building on the ease of use, Ooni have designed the Koda to make sure that it’s the most portable pizza oven on the market. At just 20.4lb (9.25kg) and at such a small size the Koda is very easy to take with you wherever you need it.

Ooni have also taken into account the safety aspect of using gas. There is a built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) that will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on.


Ooni Konda Review - Pizza Oven


Build Quality and Design

One of the most striking aspects of the Koda is that it looks fantastic. This is a far cry from other Ooni models that seem to have had their looks sacrificed for practicality. This time Ooni have really stepped it up and have managed to design a great looking oven that also keeps the practicality that we’ve been used to.

Like many other pizza ovens, the Koda is created using high quality materials to maintain the extreme conditions that it’ll be put under. The Koda is made from powder-coated, cold-rolled carbon steel shell, with a high-quality cordierite stone baking board inside. This not only helps with keeping the oven in good condition for prolonged amounts of time, but it also ensures that the inside of the oven itself is as insulated and optimised for cooking pizzas at high temperatures as possible. 


Ease of Use

With any device that has been built with ease of use in mind, you’d expect this category to be where it shines. With the Ooni Koda this is exactly right. From the very first time you open the box all you have to do is set it in a position you like, attach a gas supply to the regulator (which admittedly can be a little finicky sometimes) and then turn the heat control and you’re away. It’s literally as simple as that. 

The same is true for transporting the Koda. As it’s a single, small device that doesn’t have any other parts (except the gas supply) all you have to do is pick it up and put it in your trunk. It’s light and compact enough to fit in virtually any car so you shouldn’t have any trouble taking it to the beach, your best friends pizza party or anywhere else. 

Actually cooking a pizza on the Koda is about as easy as you could make it. The baking stone is very good, it maintains its heat well and provides a nice slippery surface (with a bit of flour) so you’ll rarely get any sticking dough. 

The Koda doesn’t come with a peel or a thermometer so we’d highly recommend picking up a quality pizza peel (we’ve recommended a few here) and a laser thermometer. This will ensure that you get the perfect pizza each time. 


Ooni Konda Review - Pizza Oven


What we like about the Ooni Koda

Portability – As we’ve just said, the Koda is extremely portable. I think this is my personal favourite feature as it opens up fantastic pizzas to anyone and anywhere you want to take it. It’s also so easy to turn it into the centerpiece of a pizza party and it’s so easy to use.

Design – Building upon the portability, we also really like the entire design, from the looks to the choice to keep it as a solely gas powered oven. We think that Ooni has made the design almost perfectly. 


What we don’t like about the Ooni Koda

The gas regulator – This worked fine for us most of the time, however it sometimes felt a bit cheap and we had slight problems attaching different gas supplies to the Koda. It might cause the initial lighting of the oven to be a bit tricky but with a quick look on Ooni’s website or watching a few videos on YouTube and you’ll be ready to go.


Final Thoughts

Overall the Koda does exactly what it sets out to do. It’s a small, compact and portable gas powered oven that can easily and consistently cook fantastic pizzas. The overall design is fantastic and leads to a quick heat up time and super fast cooking of pizzas. One of the best things about pizza ovens in general is the ability to cook other foods with an open flame, and despite the Koda’s smaller size it even manages this well. 

The slight downsides are the slightly finicky gas regulator, the need to (probably) buy additional equipment such as a peel and thermometer and that the Koda is quite a bit more expensive than the Ooni 3.

I don’t think any of these downsides are a dealbreaker honestly, once you’ve bought it, a peel and a thermometer you won’t look back.


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Ooni Koda






Build Quality


Ease of Use


Value for Money



  • Great portability
  • Quality design


  • Sometime had problems with the gas regulator

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