Indoors or Outdoors: The Versatility of Barbecuing

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Versatile Barbecuing

Indoors or Outdoors: The Versatility of Barbecuing

If you’re not vegan or vegetarian, chances are you love grilled meat. And as we all know, barbecue is something best enjoyed and shared with a group, which almost always calls for a party. While it’s great when the weather is good, why limit ourselves to sunny days only?

Versatile Barbecuing

Of course, backyard barbecuing is the backbone of our summer social life. It has long and great traditions filled with many summertime weekends, celebrations of holidays, such as Memorial Day and the 4 th of July, and opportunities to get closer with our neighbors. It’s even a popular choice on restaurants’ menus, homecooked meals or even street food selections. Some parts of the country are especially famous from their love for flamed dishes, which makes them the ultimate road trip destinations for like-minded culinary enthusiasts. Sometimes it’s merely an excuse for a big open-air party with friends and family, giving us a lot of room for a creative approach to serving food and drinks, like a burger/hot-dog bar, picnic on the grass, old-timey sausage and smores by the fire, lemonade stand, fancy alcohol bar, and so on.

However, the necessity to host a get-together with your favorite barbecue snacks and meals should not confine to one’s four walls. There is a lot of room to shine here, quite literally. In fact, this can be the plan all along — it doesn’t have to rain outside to take the party inside. In your house, you can prepare similar recipes and ideas to host a successful barbecue-themed gathering, to some extent at least. While someone tends to the barbecue, the next important thing is to provide entertainment. Perhaps a comedy roast for the roast. Among the typical, but commonly appreciated activities to do with family and friends surely are movie night, video gaming sessions, social games, charades, card and vintage board games, etc. Even the time-consuming, long sittings of poker games or casino amusement could be an excellent opportunity to keep hungry guests occupied and content for a while, as they wait for the barbecue. Plus, it will make for a killer party theme! But remember to not to overdo it and know when it’s time to call it a day. After all, the food is and should be, the center of attention for you and your guests.


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