5 Essential Pizza Oven Accessories

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Best Pizza Oven Accessories

5 Essential Pizza Oven Accessories

You simply can’t use a pizza oven with having to use some accessories. Imagine trying to put a raw pizza into an oven without a pizza peel. It’s just not going to happen. In this quick guide, we’ll take you through some of the most essential pizza oven accessories and a few that will just make your life easier.

We’ve also gone through the best pizza ovens available today.

  1. A Good Quality Pizza Peel/Pizza Paddle 

    American Metalcraft 14" Pizza Peel - Best pizza oven accessories
    The best pizza peel – American Metalcraft 14″ Pizza Peel

This is the most essential accessory for a pizza oven we can think of. You simply can’t live without one, so you may as well invest in a quality one to ensure that you don’t have to keep buying new ones. There are a few things to consider when buying a pizza peel. Firstly, what material to use. We highly recommend buying a quality stainless steel pizza paddle if you have a proper pizza oven. The stainless steel will be more durable and last longer than wood. A wooden pizza peel is idea for pizza stones in conventional ovens but when you’re dealing with temperatures of over 900°F (480°C) and live flames then a wooden peel is not recommended.

So, what differentiates the metal pizza peels? Generally, it’s the quality. They will all do roughly the same job of moving the pizza in and out of the oven but some of the cheaper ones will begin to bow or twist when met with high heat, whereas a quality one will keep a rigid shape. Some have different finishes, including ceramic-coating to ensure maximum non-stick and ease of use.

Our Pick: American Metalcraft

The American Metalcraft Pizza Peels come in different sizes, depending on how long you want the handle. They are high quality stainless steel, which means they don’t rust. They have strong, durable wooden handles and at 14” in diameter are big enough for most pizzas you’ll realistically be making. If you’re looking for a long handled, simple, quality pizza peel then you can’t go wrong with an American Metalcraft.

Alternative: The Ultimate Pizza Peel

If you’re looking for a shorter handled pizza peel then the Love This Kitchen Pizza Peel is a great option for anyone with a smaller pizza oven. It has a ceramic-coated scoop which provides a really nice, smooth, non-stick experience that rarely requires any flour.


  1. Pizza Oven Brush 

    American Metalcraft Pizza Oven Brush - pizza oven accessories
    The best pizza oven brush – American Metalcraft Pizza Oven Brush

If you have a larger pizza oven then a pizza oven brush is a requirement for cleaning up ash after the fire has gone out. A good quality wire brush with a long handle is ideal for such a task. You could use a normal brush and hope the ashes are cool enough not to burn it, but a proper wire brush will always be a better option.

What it can also do is allow you to move the hot woods around the oven when it is still lit. This allow a much greater control over the cooking space and heat distribution in the oven.

Our Pick: American Metalcraft 1698 Wire Brush

The American Metalcraft is a great option if you’re looking for a pizza oven brush. It’s got a long handle, good quality wire brush and even a metal scraping tool. The scraping tool is a very useful addition that allow you to easily move ashes and hot wood around the oven. The brush is sturdy and durable. The only thing we’d like to see is a finish on the wood that helps protect it from the weather. Other than that, this is a great option and will definitely make your life easier.


  1. Pizza Wheel 

    Oxo Pizza Wheel - pizza oven accessories
    The best pizza oven wheel – Oxo Pizza Wheel

A good quality pizza wheel is a necessity when it comes to producing great pizza. If you’ve just got your pizza out of your wood-fired oven the easiest way to get it ready for eating is to use a pizza wheel.

Quick tip: Don’t push forward with your pizza wheel, instead start at the furthest point on the pizza away from you and drag the pizza wheel back towards you. With a little practice, you’ll find it a whole lot easier and quicker to cut your pizza into perfect slices.

Our Pick: Oxo Good Grips 4-inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

The Oxo is a great quality pizza cutter at a very reasonable price. It has a sharp, stainless steel blade that can cut even the hardest and thickest crusts with ease. It has a zinc thumb guard and a large non-slip grip to make cutting a piece of cake. The Oxo is also completely dishwasher safe to make it super easy to clean.


  1. Heat Resistant Gloves

    Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves - pizza oven accessories
    The best heat resistant gloves – Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

Whilst not essential, a good pair of heat resistant gloves are one of the best pizza oven accessories you can buy. If you have to move your pizza oven whilst it’s still hot, or even just want to protect your hands when lighting the fire, a quality pair of heat resistant gloves can save you a lot of potential pain. It also makes moving the wood in the oven much simpler and easier.

Our Pick: Heat Guardian Heat Resistant Gloves

The Heat Guardian gloves are pretty much all we could ask for. They’re good to temperatures of 932℉ (500°C) so will handle most temperatures that the pizza ovens on our list can reach. They’ll even be able to handle anything that the hottest grills or smokers can reach. They’re durable, fast and convenient with some nice design features that we love. They have extra-long cuffs to cover your wrist and protect them from heat. They’re made from incredibly strong, comfortable materials and are our go to for heat resistant gloves.

We’ve recently reviewed multiple heat resistant gloves and have a new favourite. Check out our list of the best heat resistant gloves to find out more.


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  1. Pizza Oven Cover

If you’ve got a portable or built in pizza oven the worst thing to do is allow the weather to get to it. There is a high chance that, if you’ve got a real brick oven, that it will crack. This is a normal process and you shouldn’t worry about it, but you should worry about the weather getting into the cracks. If water gets into one of the cracks and then freezes, the crack is going to expand and the integrity of the oven will be compromised.  If you have a metal oven then there is a chance that the weather could rust it. Whatever you have, it is highly recommended to keep it under a cover of some sort.

The pizza oven cover will be dependent on which pizza oven you own and generally the manufacturer of the smoker will make a cover for their smoker as well. There are third party covers available as well, some of which are better.

To get a good one you need to be looking out for a quality, heavy duty cover that is ideally made from some form of polyester material that will not fade and is water proof.

Here’s a cover for one of our favourite pizza ovens, the Uuni 3.

These are also useful for pizza stones.


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Hopefully you’ve got a better understanding of what pizza oven accessories are available. If you can think of anything else or have any questions then please write a comment or contact us.

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