Best BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Blogs and Websites

Best BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Blogs and Websites

Below are a selection of some of the best barbecue and outdoor cooking websites, blogs, forums and anything else to help you get more BBQ.

All of these sites are places that have helped us learn and grow and we think they’re definitely worth your time.

Best BBQ Websites

  • – The place to go if you’re looking for pretty much anything to do with barbecuing. Led by Meathead Goldwyn, you can’t go wrong.
  • Barbecue! Bible – A blog run by Steven Raichlen that has more information that you could ever need.
  • BBQ Brethren – My favorite forum for lurking or interacting with a very passionate and friendly community of barbecuers.
  • Cooking Outdoors – A blog that’s so much more than just barbecue. Gary House cooks with real fire and has some great recipes.
  • Electric Smoker Guy – A blog that can tell you everything you need to know about electric smokers.
  • GrillGirl – Robyn Medlin Lindars showcases some wonderful recipes and adventures whilst also making barbecuing more inviting for women.
  • HowtoBBQRight – Huge collection of recipes from Malcom Reed, also has a YouTube channel.
  • I Love Grilling Meat – A great showcase of many fantastic recipes.
  • King of the Coals – Our website! Me and my Dad spend hours cooking and writing to try and bring you information and experiences you might not get from any of these other great websites.
  • Naked Whiz – Huge database of information on wood, charcoal and way more.
  • Smoked BBQ Source – A simple blog of long, information post covering a bit of everything.
  • Virtual Weber Bullet – My favorite resource on the whole list! VWB is a huge collection of absolutely everything you need to know if you have a Weber Smokey Mountain.


People and websites that have helped us beyond BBQ

  • AltRiders – A website that posts about electrical alternative transportation, such as electric scooters. A great site who’s owners have helped us with technical issues here and there.


We’ll be continuing to add to both lists as time progresses, we discover new sites and more partnerships and friendships are made.

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