About Us


King of the Coals is a joint venture by father and son team, Tim and Joe. We both love food and have been cooking together for years. Currently based in the UK, we get outside and cook on our wood fired pizza oven, smoker, grill or even an open fire whenever the weather allows us!

We founded King of the Coals with the intention to become a trusted resource where people can find the most reliable and easy to understand outdoor cooking tips, recipes, buying guides and reviews. With our help we hope to aid you in getting the very most out of the world of outdoor cooking, whether it be simple BBQ, smoking your first brisket, finding the best wood fired oven or finding some new campfire recipes.

With years of combined outdoor cooking and barbecuing experience we believe that we are perfectly suited to help you get the best out of outdoor cooking.

We aim to create a welcoming community where not only our recommendations and opinions are available to help others, but yours as well. We hope the website can help you get the advice you need as painlessly and thoroughly as possible and would love for you to become part of it through the comments, contacting us directly or connecting with us through our Facebook.


How we review:

We try to buy and own as many products as we can to give you the most unbiased and reliable reviews we can, but this is not always possible as this is still a part time hobby site. We are, however, lucky enough to have a contact work at a large online store that has many smokers, grills and just about anything you can think of. This allows us to get experience with almost all the products we review which allows us to can give you in depth and reliable information.

If there is a product that we can’t personally review, we have trusted, expert experience from our contact to guide us. This is also added to many, many hours of research and discussion between the two of us and many other members of the community. We believe this allows us to give you the most trusted and reliable reviews and guides without us doing this full time and buying each product. This is also the reason we’re unable to post our own photos most of the time and as King of the Coals grows this will be one of the first problems we try to fix.


Beyond King of the Coals

The King of the Coals team are also part of and support other projects which can be found listed below:

Linley Online – A Digital Marketing agency founded by another member of the King of the Coals family with Joe there to help out when needed.

Stable Builders Hub – An online hub dedicated to local stable builders. This was created as there was a severe lack of transparent information on local manufacturers of horse stables so we’ve spun up an informational site to help people find the perfect builders for their needs.


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